Indicator-large signboard

A large signboard

The indicator, sometimes called sign, is a special shaman "action" which can be done by pressing F. Once pressed, a circle of icons appears at your current mouse position, and upon hovering over them a signboard with a message appears in the middle of the circle (but faded out). upon clicking an icon, the circles disappear, and a fully opaque signboard is placed for all mice to see. It will remain until you place another indicator. Moving does not close the interact; to close it, either select an icon or press F again.

It can be summoned anywhere on the screen, regardless of range.

List of indicatorsEdit

There are 7 icons, each which shows a preset message on-screen. Mousing over the icons will cause you to see the effect.

Icon Text
Indicator-get ready icon Get ready!
Indicator-help icon I have no idea what I'm doing.
Indicator-stay here icon Stay here!
Indicator-follow me icon Follow me!
Indicator-go there icon Go there!
Indicator-work in progress icon Work in progress.
Indicator-keep calm icon Keep calm and trust the Shaman.