Halloween is a holiday which commonly has events in Transformice.


Rewards and ReleasesEdit

This table is only for when content was originally released. To find out all years something was available, view the page about the reward itself or view the event pages.

Year Titles Badges Cartouches Inventory Items

Shop-head39 Shop-head40 Shop-ears2


Shop-head80 Shop-head81 Shop-head82 Shop-mouth15 Shop-neck9


Shop-head103 Shop-mouth24 Shop-neck14


Shop-fur23 Shop-ears20 Shop-ears21 Shop-ears22 Shop-eyes17 Shop-mouth35 Shop-tail9


Badge 28 Badge 29 Badge 30

Inventory 4-halloween2014 Inventory 7 Inventory 8 Inventory 9 Inventory 11 Inventory 12

Inventory 2000 + Enigma pieces

Shop-fur34 Shop-head121 Shop-eyes19 Shop-eyes21 Shop-neck17

Shop-largebox4 Shop-smallplank3 Shop-largeplank4 Shop-ball2 Shop-cannonball2


Badge 64 Badge 65 Badge 66

Inventory 4-halloween2015 Inventory 27 Inventory 28 Inventory 29

Inventory 2202 Inventory 2203 Inventory 2204

Shop-fur50 Shop-fur52 Shop-head129 Shop-mouth48 Shop-tail21

Shop-smallbox7 Shop-largebox10 Shop-anvil5


Badge 170 Badge 171 Badge 173

Macaron 28 Inventory 2340

Inventory 2336 Inventory 2337 Inventory 2338 Inventory 2339

Shop-fur78 Shop-neck29 Shop-tail29 Shop-fur79


Badge 190

Macaron 31

Inventory 2378 Inventory 2379

Shop-hair23 Shop-mouth63 Shop-neck31


  • For more information about the actual Halloween holiday, see Wikipedia.

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