The maps are played every 10 to 30 minutes as long as there are at least 4 Players in a room.

Like in the last event, the event maps are started in all rooms at once to prevent event farming.

There are 3 maps with regular game play and 2 minigame type of games to earn Inventory 2202 with.

Lightning MapsEdit

This section is a stub. Please help expand it. The room is in Night Mode and only bright flashes show the rest of the map for a split second, unless particle effects are turned off [an instance where night mode is indefinite throughout the map].


This is the Library of the von Drekkemaus manor. Here you have to share control with all the other players to move a box of mice. Push it over the candy to collect it and don't fall down!

Crane BugAt the start of the map, the WASD controls may kill your player mouse. Use , , and instead.

Flappy MouseEdit

A swarm of mice witches needs to get through the pumpkin patch! Watch out for these thorny vines!

Crane BugAt the start WASD controls did not work, try or Space instead.

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