Groundbreaking is a glitch that mice can get through boards, objects and even dynamic grounds provided the ground/obstacle is thin enough (less than some 10+x pixels) and the relative speed between the ground and mice is high enough. There is seldom map that uses groundbreaking as a useful way to progress, and as such it is mostly regarded as an unwanted glitch.

Groundbreaking on boards and shaman-created objectsEdit

A first notice: You cannot trigger this glitch if too many items are inside the area, the mice just decelerate on collisions.

When a mouse is ratapulted, got shot by lava grounds, cannoned or by some similar situations, having a fast speed flying towards the board, the mouse could have a chance to miss the collision against the landing item and fly through it. A barrier thick enough will always block the mouse from this glitch. By cannoning please notice you need nearly full speed to trigger this glitch. If a mouse passes through a barrier it can run back and land onto the barrier again (that will be explained later)

Some ways to trigger this glitch:

  • Ratapult
  • Cannoning on reflective supportive boards
  • Trampolines on an enclosed area
  • Lava wood against thin barrier

Groundbreaking on dynamic groundsEdit

This method is based on the map editor. It you use a dynamic ground and set the thickness of the board to be low enough, like h:1, mice can also groundbreak through it if it is cannoned or lavaed against the dynamic ground. After shooting through, the ground will act as a ghost object to the certain mouse, so be extra careful. Some grounds remain real (unable to pass) even after breaking through.

For example, mouse A passed through the ground via groundbreaking, it can never land on the ground anymore while mouse B can walk and jump on it as long as it does not groundbreak.