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For shaman modes, see Shaman modes.

Game modes can be found on the rooms screen (Room icon button next to main menu button), or can be entered by typing /room [name of game mode in lowercase]+[any content following it, often a number]. Examples: /room vanillaTwo, /room vanilla1, 2, 3, /room vanillaAllFriendsGoHere

Room names are case sensitive, but the game mode can be upper or lower case. For example Vanillathe is different than vanillathe, but both send you to a vanilla room.

Game ModesEdit

Minor Game ModesEdit


  • There are some special rooms that don't have a game mode (or at least not by default):
    • Map 801 - While this room is accessed like any other room, it has special rules.
    • Tribe House - By default has no cheese and never ends, and is private for your tribe. Note that it can play maps and modules of your choosing by the use of the /np and /module chat commands respectively.
    • Totem and Map Editor - Both of these are special, private rooms that are only used for editing user-specific content.

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