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Friends button

Friendlist button when on the ignore list

The friends list is a window which can be accessed by clicking the heart icon on bottom-left corner of the game. It shows the status and room of everyone you added as a friend and they added you back.

To add a friend to your friends list, there are two ways:

  • Type "/friend [username]" in the chat box.
  • Click the username of a mouse (via chat box or scoreboard) and click "Add as friend"

To remove a friend from your friends list, click the X beside their name on the friends list.


  • Adding someone to your friends list allows you to keep track of their online status and gender.
    • If that person adds you back to their friends list, you can also keep track of the room they are in, last time they logged in (if they are offline), and current game and server (if they are online).
  • When your friend logs on, you will be notified via chat.
  • Shortcut buttons appear beside their username:
    • The one on the left, which looks similar the letter C, allows quick access to the whisper feature.
    • The one on the right, which is a right arrow, will take you to the room that your friend is in. This button only shows up if the other person has added you to their friends list as well.


Friend In-Game

A friend in-game.

In addition, if your friends are in the same room as you, their name and title appear in a somewhat dull green color (not to be confused with the bright green shown in soulmate levels) rather than the usual gray. (Note: You may have to open and close your friends list and wait for the next map to play for this to happen.)

However, some modules might overlay this nickname color, so your friends' name might be not green in that room. This overlay only updates per map, though. So their name will stop being green in the next map after you entered the room.


In the friendlist box, the following buttons will be on the right side:

Notes Edit

Friends list soumate banner

Soulmate banner

  • You can only have 500 friends.
  • Even if you don't add them, other people can still know when you are connected by having you in their own friend list, and may whisper you. However, they will not know what room you are currently in.
  • If you married someone, that person will stay on top of the friends list, even when offline, and there will be a small heart icon beside their nickname. Removing this person from the friends list will divorce them, and removing them again will finally delete them from your friendlist.
  • Friends list are shared with all Atelier 801 games.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the update on 1 September 2010 (V0.72), you could see where someone was without the person adding you back. This update presumably prevents stalking.
  • If a player hasn't logged in since the friends list update, which added the last-login tracker, their last login won't be shown.