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Fortoresse, also known as TrimFortress (most likely a reference to the video game Team Fortress 2 created by Valve), is a game developed by Atelier 801. The game is a remake of an old game created by Tigrounette for Extinction.

Currently the game is in a beta phase, as you can see by the word "beta" on the background of the official site.


In the game, users have to fight against others while protecting their Flag, VIP, or simply staying alive. If you die, you'll re-spawn in a few seconds (except in Domination maps), but if the enemy team destroys your base / kills your VIP, you'll lose the round.


Compared to it's predecessor TrimFortress, it has more stylish graphics and a new class system.

With the new class system, players will be able to play in different roles, like being a Medic to heal your team members and things like that.

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