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April Fools' Day is a holiday which features a new event every year since 2011.

In France, April Fools' Day is known as "Poisson d'Avril," translating to "April Fish," hence why this event's content is always related to fishing.


Rewards and ReleasesEdit

This table is only for when content was originally released. To find out all years something was available, view the page about the reward itself or view the event pages.

Year Titles Badges Cartouches Inventory Items

Shop-head56 Shop-head57 Shop-head58 Shop-ears7 Shop-ears8 Shop-mouth11


Shop-head89 Shop-head90 Shop-head91 Shop-head92 Shop-head93


Shop-head109 Shop-mouth34


Badge 16 Badge 17 Badge 18

Inventory 1 Inventory 2 Inventory 3 Inventory 4 Inventory 5

Various Relics

Shop-head119 Shop-ears25 Shop-tail16


Badge 50 Badge 51

Inventory 21 Inventory 22 Inventory 23 Inventory 24

Shop-fur36 Shop-ears27 Shop-eyes22 Shop-mouth46

Macaron 24

Inventory 2262

Shop-fur72 Shop-eyes25 Shop-mouth57 Shop-neck27


Badge 158 Badge 157

Macaron 25

Shop-fur73 Shop-head140 Shop-tail28


  • For more information on the real-world April Fools' Day holiday, see Wikipedia.

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