This event occurs about every 20 minutes.

On any fishing map you can bring out your fishing rod by holding down  or S and keeping it pressed until you get a reward, or the fishing rod disappears. You can also fish using Ctrl+. This can be preferable since it's glitched, and doesn't require you to hold it down to earn a reward. When using the glitch, you can also move around in a fishing area and still earn the reward (although your rod won't show and if moving prize won't show above your head).

This year, the Fishing event has been combined with Pirate event, so maps from both events will play.

Relic fragments can be found across all fishing maps.

Fishing 2017 Relics


Pirate Boat MapEdit

This section is a stub. Please help expand it. The map from Pirate 2016 returns! You must get on the boat before it leaves, and not fall off as the bad weather attempts to rock your boat. There is also a small chance that you would get struck by lightning and die, so be careful! This year, you can also fish while on the boat using or S.

Fortunately, the map has a lot less lag than it did in prior years. The boat is a lot less prone to randomly sinking.

The title « Tonnerre de Brest »(253) is available upon completing the map just like previous years.

Crane BugSometimes, the boat sinks on its own due to lag or just glitches, killing all the mice on board.

Fishing MapsEdit

This section is a stub. Please help expand it.Old fishing maps return as well!

Relic positions this year are different from last year. This is because there are two more relic packs compared to the 2016 event so fragments have to be redistributed to make sure each location on each map has a few fragments.

Sailing Map (New)Edit

This section is a stub. Please help expand it. This is a new sailing map where you control a ship. Press Space to add / remove your sail to control your movement. You can rotate your sail counterclockwise and clockwise using the left and right keys respectively.

The goal of the map is to sail to the darker areas of the map where the "fish" are located. This can be hard as there is nothing to stop you sailing past; you must instead sail towards it and time the removal of your sail before you reach the dark area point so that you slow down into it, not past it. 



Relics come in separate packs, with each relic having 11 fragments: 10 fragments, and 1 relic (part 11). Obtaining one complete relic will earn you a prize and 20 Adventure Points that will be shown in your profile. Up to 120 Adventure Points can be collected from this event. The completed relics are not tradable.

Rewards Pack Fragments (1-10) Relic
« All Aboard! »(339)
« Fishermouse »(298)

Fishing 2014 - A1 Fishing 2014 - A2 Fishing 2014 - A3 Fishing 2014 - A4 Fishing 2014 - A5 Fishing 2014 - A6 Fishing 2014 - A7 Fishing 2014 - A8 Fishing 2014 - A9 Fishing 2014 - A10

Fishing 2014 - A11

Badge 51
« Indiana Mouse »(342)

Fishing 2014 - C1 Fishing 2014 - C2 Fishing 2014 - C3 Fishing 2014 - C4 Fishing 2014 - C5 Fishing 2014 - C6 Fishing 2014 - C7 Fishing 2014 - C8 Fishing 2014 - C9 Fishing 2014 - C10

Fishing 2014 - C11

Badge 18« What the fish »(335) C

Fishing 2014 - D1 Fishing 2014 - D2 Fishing 2014 - D3 Fishing 2014 - D4 Fishing 2014 - D5 Fishing 2014 - D6 Fishing 2014 - D7 Fishing 2014 - D8 Fishing 2014 - D9 Fishing 2014 - D10

Fishing 2014 - D11

Badge 17
« Captain Nemouse »(341)

Fishing 2014 - J1 Fishing 2014 - J2 Fishing 2014 - J3 Fishing 2014 - J4 Fishing 2014 - J5 Fishing 2014 - J6 Fishing 2014 - J7 Fishing 2014 - J8 Fishing 2014 - J9 Fishing 2014 - J10

Fishing 2014 - J11

Macaron 29(New)
« Best Trainer »(338)

Fishing 2014 - B1 Fishing 2014 - B2 Fishing 2014 - B3 Fishing 2014 - B4 Fishing 2014 - B5 Fishing 2014 - B6 Fishing 2014 - B7 Fishing 2014 - B8 Fishing 2014 - B9 Fishing 2014 - B10

Fishing 2014 - B11

Badge 184(New)

Macaron 25


Fishing 2014 - E1 Fishing 2014 - E2 Fishing 2014 - E3 Fishing 2014 - E4 Fishing 2014 - E5 Fishing 2014 - E6 Fishing 2014 - E7 Fishing 2014 - E8 Fishing 2014 - E9 Fishing 2014 - E10

Fishing 2014 - E11

« Captain Coco »(422)(New)
Badge 158
Complete All Sets: Fishing 2014 - A11 Fishing 2014 - C11 Fishing 2014 - D11 Fishing 2014 - J11 Fishing 2014 - B11 Fishing 2014 - E11

New ItemsEdit

Fishing 2017 new items
Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency Badge
Shop-fur87 Blue Tang Fur 5500 350 Badge 185
Shop-head147 Sand Castle Head 250 40
Shop-head148 Fish Head 800 80
Shop-mouth61 Beach Pail Mouth 300 40
Shop-neck30 Lifebuoy Neck 300 40

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  • This is the first repeated adventure to have its banner changed.
  • If you have also completed the 2016 fishing event, points from that event will also be added to your profile (total of 80 points: 15 points per relic and 20 for medal).
  • The sailing map originally had different controls for moving around. There was a compass that showed what way the wind was blowing, and you could only move within 90 degrees of that direction both ways. You could not remove the sail, so you could stop only by pointing your sail away from the wind.