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This was the first time the Fishing event came after the Easter event (since the Fishing event was originally an "April Fools" event, which as such came in April). It was mostly likely moved to prevent the two event from running at the same time, as well as give an event during summer.


# Title Achievement
296 Explorer Fish in pond in the clouds
297 Sardine Fish in the ponds at the top of the cave
298 Fishermouse Fish in the ponds at the top of the forest or in the top right pond in the cave
299 Adorer Reward for solving the enigma: Wear the Fish bones and the Fisher hat,

then go to the shaman inside the cave on the fishing map and say "Elisah"


Megaphone Main article: Fishing 2013 Enigma


  • This event is were mice learned the Goddess Shaman's true name, Elisah.




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