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Note: NPOV

On 20 June 2012, there was a surprise event after a server reboot. It seemed like a normal reboot, but then strange things started popping up in some maps and rooms - a enigma for the Fishing 2012 event.

The April Fool's map was re-introduced to the map rotation, as well as the Meep command. Meep was a command that first appared in Halloween 2011, and is used by pressing Space to send mice away if they were close to you.



@1 Ship

If you complete the map, nothing happens... yet.

Then, we had a new map:

@1 other

It's a bit hard to complete, but if you beat it you'll get this equation: [•] y = 2x² + 8x

We could also see some vanilla maps had changes. Let's start with map 0. Our classic vanilla map:


After the reboot, a big, gray -F appeared on top of the map. Can you see it?

0 -F

Then, we can see 4 vanilla maps had something unusual hanging on some trees and on the floor: fraises! Those maps were the numbers 101, 106, 121 and 128.

101 fraise
106 fraise
121 fraise
128 fraise

In every map there were:
1 fraise in map 101
1 fraise in map 106
2 fraises in map 121
3 fraises in map 128

But what did these mean? The F on map 0 represents the FRAISES since it's the first letter of that word. The - sign denotes negativity. So, this meant the value of the fraises had to be negative. You are probably wondering, what does this work for? If you multiply the number of the maps with fraises, with the number of fraises each one of them has, you'll get new numbers. Using the -F hint, we can try to calculate this by changing the value of the fraises to negative. Now let's do the math:

101 * -1 fraise = -101
106 * -1 fraise = -106
121 * -2 fraises = -242
128 * -3 fraises = -384

If we use these new numbers as rooms in-game, we get to these mysterious new rooms where we can find more hints to keep on solving this riddle.

Negative roomsEdit

Room -101:


In the first room we can see map 850 and the time counter frozen in 00:00. There's something written on top of the map, it says: Y x 801.

Room -106:


In the second room we have map 851, once again the time counter is frozen at 00:00. There's once again a text floating on the map, this time it's a link to a .mp3 song: If you hear the song, you'll notice it's the famous Rick Astley's song, "Never gonna give you up". This song is commonly used in internet to make a prank called "Rickrolling", in which people send misleading links to a person, that will redirect them to the song's music video. Also, there's a strange symbol at the left of the link: ⊕

Room -242:


In the second room we have map 852, once again the time counter is frozen at 00:00. There's a picture of the 20 cheese Helmet, the first item of the shop. The background color is pink, specifically the hex code #a55a6f.

Room -384:


In the last room we have map 853, once again the time counter is frozen at 00:00. There's a big black number on top of the map. Probably, some of you may have noticed that the number changes from time to time, but you don't know the reason behind it. The trick is the Pink Bow ⊕. When you are wearing it while in room -384, the number goes up one unit. So, if before I saw a 0, now the map changes:

853 1

I know I'm naked there but I'm now wearing the pink bow, no idea why I have no clothes, maybe it's the community I was in.

When the number goes past 25, meaning there's 25 mice in the room wearing the pink bow, you get a link to a weird picture.

Riddle pic

We now ask ourselves, what can we do with all these hints and information?

Uncover the truthEdit

If we gather up all of the hints and order them appropriately, we can find the solution. Let's do it step by step.

If you complete the April Fool's map, we had stated that nothing happened. This is because we weren't using the appropriate outfit so that something could happen. Put on the 20 cheese Helmet (first item of the shop and the one in room -242) and personalize it with the background color of map 852, the one in room -242 (#a55a6f). Then complete April Fool's map once again using that clothing:


If you complete it, you get another hint: [•] x = 421

This was the info we were lacking. Now, let's solve the equation with the hints we gathered:

Hints:x = 421
Y x 801

y = 2x² + 8x

y = 2 x 421² + 8 x 421
y = 2 x 177241 + 3368
y = 354482 + 3368
y = 357850

Y x 801 = 357850 x 801 = 286637850

Yay! That's the result. Let's go to room 286637850. Here, we'll see another new map:

Riddle map

Everything goes smoothly but... what should we do now?​

The end of the mysteryEdit

After a while, the Admin team started giving out some clues to help us solve the riddle. By that moment, 2 players had completed the event... but they didn't even know what they had done. So we kept on trying to solve the mystery...

Tigrounette revealed a new clue:
img ⊕ mp3

Img meant:
Mp3 meant:
The ⊕ symbol, is the same symbol that appears in room -106, next to the song link.
What does these mean?

The symbol represents XOR, according to Wikipedia this means:
it's a type of additive cipher, an encryption algorithm where ⊕ denotes the exclusive disjunction (XOR) operation. With this logic, a string of text can be encrypted by applying the bitwise XOR operator to every character using a given key. To decrypt the output, merely reapplying the XOR function with the key will remove the cipher.

I know this sounds crazy and difficult to understand for some people, let's try to explain it. Using the bitwise XOR operator, you can encrypt things like text, pictures, etc., using a given key. To decrypt it, you just reapply the XOR function with the key and that removes the cipher. We had to merge both the song and the given picture in room -106, in order to decrypt the picture and obtain the hidden, real picture that was encrypted within this. This way, we obtain a screenshot:

Riddle screenshot

The screenshot comes from room 286637850, and it shows a mouse ducking. Besides, there's a number 10 at the top right of the picture. What is this screenshot for?

The Admins kept on mentioning the lyrics of Rick Astley's song:

"Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down"

If we try to understand it, we can see it relates to the screenshot IXoDR.png . It says "up" and "down", another way of saying it would be ducking and then raising up. So, the mystery was that we have to duck and we have to do it 10 times according to the screenshot But... where exactly should we do this?

If we see it, the capture is from room 286637850. We have to find where on the map is that mouse ducking. If we go back to room -106, and see the location of ⊕, we can see it coincides with the location where we have to duck in room 286637850. I used Photoshop to put one picture above the other and used transparency effects to let you see the exact location according to where ⊕ is:

Riddle place

Surprise! The symbol of room -106 is located on the second column of the map in room 286637850. Effectively, that's where we have to duck!

Congratulations little mouse!Edit

We finally solved the riddle, it's time to claim our prizes for being intelligent mice!
Go to room 286637850, positionate yourselves in the middle of the second top column of the map. Duck 10 times (you'll probably have to do it more times). Then, this window will pop up:

Riddle fraises

Congratulations! You solved the riddle, and won 20 free fraises and a mouth item of a qt fraise!

Riddle solved