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Fight 1
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Fight is a module coded by Ediz, Transforlays and Mckeydown and released October 2013 (or earlier).

Rules and FeaturesEdit

  • Don't spawn any objects in the first 10 seconds!
  • Totems are forbidden!
  • Shield etc. is forbidden!
  • Skills are disabled
  • Minigame mods name is red
  • Hold [CTRL] to see the scoreboard
  • If you are first on the scoreboard your name is yellow
  • Created items will be destroyed after 10 seconds.
  • If the fight is longer than a minute a bet screen will be shown.
  • Send your maps:
  • If you want to PvP with someone easily, you can go #easypvp!
  • Don't use divine mode or you will be killed!
  • Stats will be counted when there are 6 mice or more mice in the room.
  • If you have died, but won the bet, you'll enter the hole


  • Type !help or press H to see help.
  • Hold Ctrl to see scoreboard.
  • Press P to see your stats.
  • !die or !mort - to die, you can't use this command until the fight has started.
  • !lang or !langue [FR/EN/TR/BR/RU] - change language of the messages (they're only visible for you).
  • !maplist - show map list.
  • !queue - show map queue.
  • !stats [username] - shows the stats of a specified player.

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