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Fatale is one of the six main cast members of the Transformice Cartoon Series.


This mouse has the brown-spotted gray fur, white hair and blue eyes. They wear a pink flower in it's hair, pink earrings, bows on their arms, tail, feet and a necklace with hearts and a pink shaman feather.


In episode 7 of the cartoon series, Fatale is shown as an alluring character who distracts mice with it's tail in order to obtain the cheese. This trope is very common among classical television shows.

In episode 9, Fatale is also seen as a cheerleader, giving viewers the sense that this is what a typical 'girly' character would find as a hobby.

In episode 25, Fatale is having a dream of mice chasing the cheese and not looking at it wiggling it's tail, which makes it angry. Before mice could get the cheese, Red turned Fatale's body into a cheese, which got everyone's attention and made it happy. Since the mice were trying to eat them, Fatale got scared, but woke up.