For mouse animations, see Animations.

Emoticons are a series of images that can appear above a player's head in game once the proper number key is pressed (0-9). Note that the keypad doesn't work for this. These do not show up in chat, and are different from animations. To use emoticons as shaman, hold down the Shift while pressing a number key. You can also press Alt, Alt Gr, or Ctrl.

0 0 Emoticon
1 1 Emoticon
2 2 Emoticon
3 3 Emoticon
4 4 Emoticon
5 5 Emoticon
6 6 Emoticon
7 7 Emoticon
8 8 Emoticon
9 9 Emoticon

Trivia Edit

  • The emoticons for 6 and 9 are Steam emoticons for people who finished the trading cards, :likeaboss: and :derpmouse: respectively.

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