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An elevator is any device created by the shaman that lifts mice vertically. Many elevators utilize the motor anchor.

Basic Elevators Edit

Scissor Lift Edit


Simple Elevator

Also known as 'chopsticks', one can make the scissor lift by placing a long plank on the ground and signal for all players to get on it, including you. Place another long plank with an N anchor in the middle directly on the same position. It will begin to fold up like an X, bringing you up. This type of elevator is extremely simple and versatile, but it may collapse or get mice stuck inside. An additional tactic is to summon a short, B-anchored plank at the bottom half, so the elevator can't twist past the plank and remains in the same position. This is useful for keeping the elevator at a single altitude.

Floor Design Edit


Elevator Floor

Alternatively, summon a long plank on the ground, get on it, and then summon another ghost plank underneath it. Then, ghost and attach another long plank with the motor anchor. This elevator design causes less clutter and looks nice, but it often falls apart under high stress.

Fixed Floor Design Edit

Fixed Floor Design

A fixed elevator

Like the Floor Design, but fixed and with a limited height. Follow this video to learn how to build it.

Box Elevator Edit


A more stable box elevator

Another design for a box elevator that tends to be more stable than others is pictured left and created by placing two long globally anchored planks vertically slightly less than a box width apart. Two small globally anchored planks are then attached vertically on the outside the bottom portion of both larger planks to prevent the large planks from moving when filled with boxes.

Other useful elevatorsEdit

Bloonivator Edit


The Bloonivator

Symbiosis of a simple Box Airship and Box Elevator. Can be used if you need to get higher than you get with the normal Box Elevators. Creation is similar to Box Elevator 2, just attach Ballons to the Box. You can also put small Boxes next to it so mice can get on it more easily. Attention: When the Box leaves the launching ramp it can be trolled easily.

Crane Edit


Crane used to get to higher ground

The crane is used when you need a lift to a higher ground and have a wide enough area to use it. To make a crane you must make an anchored small plank, and attach a large plank to it using V twice, then attach your object of choice onto the large plank on the other end. Then you need to wait for mice to go on top of that object and use balloons/runes to lift the crane and carry the mice.

Pile ElevatorEdit

Picture 6

The Pile Elevator in use by a Shaman

A pancakes, or pile elevator or failevator or mexivator, is a large stack of planks summoned one on top of the other in rapid succession. once finished with it, the Shaman must cannon the boards from underneath, unless he/she chooses to troll the mice. it is popular among certain groups of veteran players. (lovingly dubbed "pancakes" by the veterans of salon v or also "mexivators" by the majority of veterans.)

It consists of a large amount of planks placed on top of each other to slowly raise mice to a desired level. It is usually for entertainment purposes only, and is time-consuming. It can be built faster by using hotkeys.

Ramp Elevator Edit

Ramp elevator

The ramp Elevator in use by a Shaman

The ramp Elevator consists of a large ramp, a base and a rotating board.The mice on the ramp can easily be sent to the highgrounds. The weight this elevator can afford is unknown now. It is seen to carry 10 mice.

Factory Elevator Edit

Elevator use to lift a lot of mice. it can be time consuming for inexperienced shamans.

Advanced Elevator

Going up!

Claw-o-vator Edit



An alternative elevator. Easily and can be created quickly. Lay a small plank with a red anchor on the ground, then attach a transparent long plank with the blue anchor to it. Attach a small plank with a yellow anchor to this. make sure all the mice stand on that plank before you proceed. Create a closed box, except for the top, which must be made out of 2 transparent small planks, as in the picture. The final thing to do, is to spam the box with loads of balloons, which will lift the box up, to an elevated platform. It's not the most practical elevator, though it's fun to build and use.

Accordion Edit



A double-elevator system that vaguely resembles an accordion.

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