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Election ballot box

Elections are an event in Transformice, which started on the 15th of May 2015.[1]

Elections take place between all mice with the same fur to be elected mayor, and then a separate election is done to choose which mayor will become the president. Elections are server-dependent, so each server will have it's own mayors / president.

Votes aren't counted as 1 per person; instead, when a person casts a vote, it counts as "# of skins owned" votes. These cannot be split between candidates, and is done automatically.

People with high number of skins have much voting power in smaller servers. Due to this, players with large amounts of skins may be asked to vote in a server they don't normally frequent.

The president gets to choose the next fur to be on sale.[2] And can release a poll that will prompt online users (previous polls made).



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