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Graphical effects are used within Transformice to indicate certain events happening in game. The main effects seen by players are clouds, hearts, sparks and bubbles. Effects are visible even during nightmode, which can be helpful for locating things like the cheese or the hole. Effects can be disabled in options.

List of Effects Edit

Image Name Cause
Clouds Clouds Player obtaining cheese
Shaman spawning an item
Using the Rocket Scientist skill
Bubbles Bubbles Player dying or leaving the room
Sparks Sparks Shaman creating an object
Hearts Hearts Player bringing cheese to a hole
AngelGIF Crystals Using the Angel skill
Confetti Animation Confetti Using the confetti animation

Nightmode Edit

While mice cannot see past a small radius around themselves in nightmode, effects are still visible anywhere on the screen. This allows mice to pinpoint the location of cheese, gaps, the shaman, and the mousehole.