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Dragon 2016 Enigma complete

The full scroll[1]

The enigma of the Dragon 2016 event includes scroll pieces spawning randomly on the event map. Reward: « Inspector Souris »(283).

Starting at the release of the adventure, some players began to receive pieces of a scroll once they obtained a lantern. On the first day, receiving a piece was extremely rare. However, the drop rate increased the next day to speed the scientific/experimental process.

Some players have gone about saying that this enigma is related to the Longtaitou Festival. This seems plausible because the almighty dragon is blue and the festival takes place on the "second day of the second month", or the day that the enigma began to take a faster pace.

The SolutionEdit

You have to type your name on the event map, but every letter has to be + 2. The solution must be in lowercase. Example:

  • a = c

If you're having trouble, you can use this JavaScript Decoder:


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Date Reveal
February 6 2016 Melibellule confirms that an enigma for the event indeed exists on her blog.[2]
February 6 2016 11:46 Players could not get the last 3 pieces to finish the pieces, thus sent Melibellule a message to her twitter, though she replied that the 3 pieces are not required for solving the enigma at all.[3]
February 6 2016 22:40 Melibellule states that the scroll found so far, which is without 3 pieces has everything the mice need and says to get back to it.[4]
February 7 2016 11:59 Melibellule revealed that what's above the mouse is not a speech bubble.[5]
February 7 2016 12:04 Melibellule states that you don't need the other half because you don't need to decipher it, a minute later a person finds the left piece.[6]
February 7 2016 12:44 Melibellule states again that the thing above the mouse is not a speech bubble.[7]
February 7 2016 14:31 Melibellule quotes two players saying they're almost there.[8]
February 7 2016 14:53 Melibellule states the symbol is not a X, but a +.[9]
February 7 2016 15:08 Melibellule states that a player is getting close.[10]
February 7 2016 15:19 Melibellule states again that the symbol is a +, not a X.[11]
February 7 2016 15:37 Melibellule states that someone in the previous page got it, but just a little thing wrong.[12]
February 7 2016 15:51 Melibellule states again that one of the players got it, but did a single mistake.[13]
February 7 2016 16:02 Players solved the enigma.[14]
February 7 2016 16:06 Melibellule states why a solution didn't work.[15]
February 7 2016 19:22 Melibellule posts full scroll.[1]

Scroll piecesEdit


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