An unnamed dragon resides in the Dragon 2016 event's map, far away in an eastern land, where the sun rises with a mice tribe. He is described as gigantic, beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

A long time ago this dragon was a frail little reptile, a snake. He had a forbidden love for an adorable mouse, and braved all the dangers to protect her. Despite his flimsy body and his small size, he carried her and they traveled together during 3 years to flee the desire of revenge of his kin. It was forbidden and an unlikely story, because snakes generally prefer to eat mice rather than saving them. And yet, despite everything, the snake followed his heart. Elisah the Goddess Shaman, touched by this story, decided to grant him a fraction of her powers.

Unlike mice which can become shamans, the snake didn't get all of these skills, just what he needed: now tremendous and powerful, he can protect his tribe, his new family, from the reprisals of his peers that he ran away from.

In order to commemorate the rise from snake to dragon and from mouse to shaman, each year mice try to climb their protector and thank Elisah for her blessing.