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Divine mode is a shaman mode released on 26 May, 2014, V1.159[1][2]. After saving at least 5000 mice in easy/normal mode as well as at least 2000 of saves in Hard mode, you will unlock this mode. You have to restart the game to unlock this mode when you reach the required amount of saves.

Divine mode was created for mice who are smart, creative, and aware of how the physics work in the game. In Divine mode, you are able to spawn your available objects almost anywhere on a map without having to move due to a very large range. However, you are not able to use the B or C nails, spirit, clouds (if the Cloud skill is enabled), or your totem.

To turn on Divine mode, click the blue/yellow feather next to the wrench icon and select Divine mode. Each Divine mode save is counted as a Divine mode save and a Normal mode save, like each Hard mode save is counted as both a Hard mode save and a Normal mode save.

Range Edit

The range of a Divine mode shaman is about 480 pixels wide but can be increased even further by activating the Eagle Eye skill found in the Mechanician skill set.
Range of various Builds


Crane BugSometimes (often upon logging in or changing rooms) you might start off with 3 springs and unlimited use of Chief's Food.

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