Herp derp

The derp pigeon[1] is a character who appears occasionally in various official pieces of art, such as special maps, event maps, and event images. It has no real history and is merely an Easter egg.


Image Appearance
Pigeon - Room 801 Roof of a house in Room 801
Fishing 2014 - I8 Relic I8 in Fishing 2014
Fishing 2014 - I11 Relic I11 in Fishing 2014
Pigeon - Fishing 2015 Transformice Museum object in Fishing 2015
Pigeon - Christmas 2015 Background of the map of Christmas 2015
Pigeon - Easter 2016 Background of the map of Easter 2016
6th anniversary photo-pigeon Appearing on the photo board in 6th Anniversary

Appearances outside of TransformiceEdit

Image Appearance
Dead Maze - where's waldo - pigeon In the 2nd tree from the right on the Where's Waldo? Dead Maze image. This was the first official use of the name "derp pigeon" by the staff.