Deploy is a minigame. There are no shamans in this map, the mice earn spawn points and with them they buy shaman items to complete the map to the hole. Everyone starts with 3 spawn points. The max spawn points you can have is 30!

You can select object using commands (!arrow, !spirit!, !trampoline) with their alias (!ar, !s, !tr) or with a Number Key. Number Keys are similar to shaman's hotkeys.

You can change the position of spawning with !down, !up, !left, !right or with the keys N, H, B, M. By default you will spawn Down.

You change the rotation of spawning with !rotXXX where XXX is a number from 0 to 359.

You can set objects visible or invisible with !solid and !ghost or toggle with the key V. By default it's Visible.

You can also mix commands, for example: !lb left rot45.

You will earn a Spawn Point for every round and one more if you enter in the hole. However, if you enter first you will get three Bonus Spawn Points or two if you enter second.

First 3
Second 2
Third+ and not won 1

Every spawned object will cost you one or more Spawn Points, see !shop for more details.

The current spawn points for every player are displayed in the player list next to the chat.

You spawn with the Space key.


Object Command Short
Number Points
Arrow !arrow !ar 1 0
Spirit !spirit !s 2 1
Balloon !balloon !bl 3 2
Rune !rune !ru 4 2
Small Box !smallbox !sb 5 1
Large Box !largebox !lb 6 2
Trampoline !trampoline !tr 7 5
Small Plank !smallplank !sp 8 1
Large Plank !largeplank !lp 9 2
Ball !ball !ba 0 1
Blue Portal !blueportal !bp - 4
Orange Portal !orangeportal !op - 5

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