Dancing is the act of moving your mouse in creative ways, such as performing the dance animation or repeatedly ducking or jumping, that has entered common usage in Transformice. Most of the time dancing is only used in good humor or as a time killer. Many users enjoy dancing or watching others dance, but other become frustrated with dancers who they feel waste time. Trolls often annoy people with dancing, by ducking or “headbanging” constantly as a sign that they will not budge.

Many of these are the result of animation locking, where your mouse will stop moving its feet and slide when the duck ( / S) button is pressed during a jump.

/Dance Edit


As part of the V0.49 update, the /dance chat command was made, creating a new way for mice to dance down. This animation is also available at the press of the purple dress button.

The /dance chat command was later removed from the game due to unknown reasons.


Moonwalk Edit

Megaphone Main article: Moonwalk

Moonwalking is one of the methods of dancing in Transformice.

Headbang Edit

Headbanging is a very simple method of dancing. All one must do to achieve a headbang is to tap or S. Headbanging just once, however, is never enough. Headbanging in rapid succession can be interpreted in quite a few ways:

  • You are a troll and you want to indicate that you will not budge.
  • You are bored and are trying to burn some time.
  • You are trying to get someone to move in the direction you are headbanging in, similar to pointing in real life.
  • You are trying to catch someone’s attention.
  • You are tying to dodge a shaman’s items.
  • You are taunting a player, especially the shaman.
  • Someone is AFK and you are trying to indicate that you’re concerned and/or want them to become active again.
  • You are simply dancing and having a fun time with either yourself or other players.


Breakdance is a method of dancing which is slightly harder than headbanging. Just press the dance button and the duck button alternately.

You can also perform a similar method of breakdancing by quickly moving repeatedly to the right and left.


Megaphone Main article: Duckslide

Ducksliding is the act of moving your player mouse while displaying a still duck animation.

Monorail Mouse Edit


A mouse doing performing monorail mouse

Monorail mouse is a form of dancing and a version of ducksliding. While performing the monorail mouse, your player mouse moves in a specific direction, but it is performing the standing animation as opposed to the walking animation.

To perform the monorail mouse, simply walk and do an animation that doesn’t last forever once. You can also just press the E key (which does the confetti animation).

Your mouse will then appear to stand up while moving.

Leapmouse Edit


Mice playing leapmouse

Leapmouse is a form of dancing derived from leapfrog, a children’s game in which players vault over each other’s stooped backs. In leapmouse, the first participant ducks while the next jumps over them, immediately ducking so that the first mouse can, in turn, leap over him or her. When another leap would cause a mouse to fall off the side of the map or bump into a wall, the mice leap in the other direction.

Leapmouse is most commonly played with only two mice, but a longer line can be formed, with some difficulty, in which the last mouse in the line jumps over a row of ducking mice one by one. Games of leapmouse are common on Map 77 and other maps with a long flat platform and extra time with little else to do.

Dance slide Edit

The dance slide is a dance in which the mouse is dancing with the animated dance emotion and sliding, as if moonwalking or ducksliding.


  1. Hold the key for right or left
  2. With the key still held, press the dance button
  3. Continue moving

This relies on the fact that moving and entering into the chat panel will cause your mouse to continue moving as if the arrow key was still held. Clicking the dance changes the animation, but the mouse is still "running" in the direction of the arrow key that was held. Jumping or moving anything on the screen, however, will show that you are no longer chatting, and will cause your dance-slide to stop. This can be used with other emoticons - like crying and laughing.

Dance line Edit

Dance line is a form of dancing that requires multiple mice. As one mouse types in "dance line" the rest of the mice must go next to it and start dancing. Dance lines usually begin with beginner shamans and when there's nothing to do. Dance Lines can only be done with long stretches of land. It's also best if you have more than 10 mice, otherwise they don't look so effective.


A room rocking it out


Another dancing line.

Siamese Mouse/Handspring Edit

This dance makes you look like you are a Siamese mouse with a mouse coming out of your back pulling you while you duck, or looks like you're doing a backwards handspring.

  1. Side away from movement+Duck
  2. Side towards movement
  3. Repeat like your hands are on fire

Mouse TangoEdit

The Mouse Tango involves in two mice, one ducksliding forward and one ducksliding backwards next to each other in the same direction to give the impression that they are, in fact, doing the Tango.