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Mouse as the Cupid

Cupid is a character that appeared in the Valentine's Day 2011 event. The Cupid was the player themselves, who was selected to be the bearer of the bow, toga, and wings for the event.


By pressing or holding /W, the Cupid was able to fly.

The Cupid was also able to launch an arrow in any direction by pressing down, allowing those who were shot by Cupid's arrow and their chat bubble in the map to have a pink tint. This pink tint had the same effect as the /watch chat command

Despite the Cupid mechanic not being reintroduced in 2015, Galaktine referred to the Cupid fur as "the skin of the first Valentine's Day's Cupid."[1]

Loved miceEdit

Loved mice were the aforementioned mice with the pink coloration and text. These mice could exchange gifts with other loved mice. Normal mice had the option to give gifts to these mice, too, by standing next to one.