The Cosplay Contest 2013 was an official competition created by Atelier 801’s administrators. It involved embodying a character from Transformice in the most impressive way.


Exactly a month before Transformice’s third birthday, it was decided that a revival of the original 2011 cosplay contest would be a way of thanking the player base. Players were reminded of how a cosplay works. In-game images were not be considered.


In the announcement, it was decided that there would be no strict prompt for the cosplay contest. Players only had to create a costume and ambience related to Transformice. Mice, shamans, cannonballs, and other Transformice-related entities were all acceptable. Only one player per submission was allowed. Submissions were due by May 31st, or the day after Transformice’s anniversary. They were to be sent to with the subject being "Contest - (participant's in-game nickname here)" and the message restating the participant's nickname along with the image attachment. The image could also be hosted online if there was no attachment so long as the image link was provided, preferably via Imgur.

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