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Companion Crate is a skill which allows a shaman to spawn a large crate with several unique properties:

  • The crate is as heavy as an anvil.
  • Mice caught in the center of the crate are trapped inside.
    • Mice stay trapped until the crate despawns, is resummoned elsewhere, or changed to a ghost item using the Architect skill.
  • The crate’s sides are slippery, like ice, and the top and bottom are sticky, like chocolate.
    • This sticky base makes the crate exceptionally hard to push along normal ground, especially by other mice. While on ice ground, however, the crate slides freely.

There can be only one companion crate on the map at a time; summoning another causes the previous crate to disappear. In rounds with multiple shaman, one shaman’s companion crate will replace another’s. When the companion crate disappears, any attached objects will fall if not anchored by another object.

Wind MasterEdit

The companion crate combines the effects of several basic objects into a single, efficient summon. Specifically, the crate is all at once large, stable, heavy, and hard to budge. This makes the crate one of the fastest ways to anchor light and medium weighted structures and bridges. Moreover, the companion crate serves as an effective, removable roadblock. Its slippery sidewalls prevent mice from climbing over and the sticky base prevents pushing. Remove the roadblock by resummoning the companion crate in a different location.


While blocking mice with the companion crate can be helpful in making certain maps safer for the mice, a shaman may trap mice for any number of reasons including to deny or tease them. Also, a shaman may attempt to corral mice to keep them gathered for social skills like Chocokiss and Superstar.

Mice blocked by a companion crate might be calmed or entertained by giving them toys like the Beach Ball or by summoning a Campfire.

Shaman vs. ShamanEdit

A shaman imprisoned by the companion crate may summon objects from inside or escape the crate by either teleporting themself or by removing the crate.


  • The companion crate is one of four items in the game that can trap mice permanently with one single summon. The others are ice cubeearth symbol, and spider web.
    • Among these traps, the companion crate is the only one that can be cleared at will without the aid of another shaman skill.
  • A custom map file can not place a companion crate, not even by using XML.


  • The companion crate is a reference to the Weighted Companion Cube in the Portal video game series, created by game developer Valve.
    • Similarly, the crate’s ability to trap mice inside it bears likeness to a fan theory concerning the Weighted Companion Cube, disclosed by the “The Game TheoristsYouTube channel. The theory states that the Weighted Companion Cube stores human beings inside of it.
  • The companion crate’s hitbox is equivalent to a regular crate with four small planks bordering the edges.

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