Coins are a type of currency that are consumables. While shop cheese and fraise have a coin in their image, these are often not referred to as "coins", but instead just simply as cheese/coin. Unlike inventory event consumables, coins are not tied to a specific event and never disappear after an event.

The only coin that is tradeable is cheese coins. The only coins that can be "used" and converted into shop currencies are cheese coins and fraise coins. Other than cheese and fraise, all other coins are only used in village rooms.

Cheese coinEdit


Shop Cheese

Inventory 800
Cheese coins (cc) are the most versatile coin, as the may be "used" like a normal consumable to earn shop cheese, traded with other players (if they haven't been used), and can be earned multiple ways. As such, they are the primary means of exchange for consumables / inventory items. Their one downside however is that they cannot be traded to NPCs (only bought from NPCs). The inventory limit is 200 cheesecoins.

Cheese coins may be earned through adventures, trading tickets to the Prof in village rooms (10 tickets for 20cc), or trading any other coin with Papaille in village rooms (50 coins for 50cc).

Fraise coinEdit


Shop Fraise

Inventory 801
Fraise coins, like cheese coins, can be "used" to earn shop fraise. However unlike cheese coins, it can not be traded, and they are only awarded in limited amounts through adventures as one time rewards.

Ticket coinEdit

Inventory 2257
Tickets are earned from adventures as random rewards, and occasionally in larger quantities as one time reward. They can be used in village rooms by trading with Indiana Mouse for event rewards and the Prof for cheese coins or a selection of random consumables that reset each day.

Shaman / Feather coinEdit

Inventory 2253
Shaman coins can be earned in any game mode that has a shaman. You earn shaman coins based on how many mice you save and on what shaman mode you are using. Shaman coins can be traded to the Oracle for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day.

Players receive one Shaman coin per 4, 5, or 6 mice saved in divine, hard, or normal mode, respectively. Depending on the player’s selected shaman mode, a certain amount of mice saved earns one coin. The variable amount of shaman coins is contingent on the mode’s difficulty.

Mode Saves Required per Feather Limit per Turn
Normal 6 3
Hard 5 4
Divine 4 5

Racing / Flag coinEdit

Inventory 2254
Racing coins are earned in the racing game mode, with 1 coin being awarded for every 5 complete maps (doesn't matter if you come in first or last). Racing coins can be traded to Buffy for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day.

Survivor / Cannonball coinEdit

Inventory 2260
Survivor coins are earned in the survivor game mode, with 1 coin being earned for every 5 mice killed[confirm]. Survivor coins can be traded to Archain von Drekkemaus for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day.

Bootcamp coinEdit

Inventory 2261
Bootcamp coins are earned in the bootcamp game mode, with one coin earned the first time you completing a round (you will get a coin even if that win doesn't count toward your bootcamp total due to room hopping; as such it's possible to have more coins than bootcamp wins on your profile). Bootcamp coins can be traded to Cassidy for various rewards, Papaille for cheese coins, or Elise for random consumables each day.

Fraise Fragment coinEdit

Inventory 2343
Image first showed up on the server in January 2017. Was first announced on 14 February 2017 that they would be rewarded from watching videos and could be combined to earn 1 fraise.[1]



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