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For the cloud ground, see Ground#Cloud.

The cloud is an object spawnable using the appropriately named Cloud skill, which is the last tier in the Spiritual Guide skill tree. There can be only one cloud placed on the map at a time, but it can be re-spawned to move it.

Clouds can only move left or right, not up or down. Clouds are mostly useful in maps where the cheese is separated from the hole with no ground in between. There is also a unique way to use a cloud. Shamans can place a cloud, then connect a V plank in the middle of it; creating a handcart; and then placing a circle in the center; though this step is optional. This way, two mice can go on either side of the plank and move by jumping together; like a seesaw.

Clouds rotated 45° won't move horizontally. It is useful to place vertical clouds on maps that have wind, to prevent the mice from dying by falling off the map. This is useful on, e.g., map 39.

Clouds cannot be used in Divine mode, but can be used in both Hard mode and Normal mode.

It is possible to create maps with clouds in them using XML.

This may or may not be a bug, but the Cloud doesn't disappear after exiting a certain threshold around the map unlike other shaman items.


Cloud bug

  • The cloud does not disappear after exiting the map’s threshold.

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