Christmas is an holiday which commonly has events in Transformice.


Rewards and ReleasesEdit

This table is only for when content was originally released. To find out all years something was available, view the page about the reward itself or view the event pages.

Year Titles Badges Cartouches Inventory Items

Shop-head41 Shop-head42 Shop-ears3 Shop-neck3


Shop-head84 Shop-head85 Shop-ears11 Shop-ears12 Shop-mouth16 Shop-neck10


Shop-fur14 Shop-head104 Shop-ears23 Shop-mouth25 Shop-mouth26 Shop-neck15 Shop-tail2


Shop-fur24 Shop-head113 Shop-mouth36 Shop-mouth37 Shop-tail10


Badge 33 Badge 34 Badge 35

Shop-fur36 Inventory 4-christmas2014 Inventory 6 Inventory 10 Inventory 13 Inventory 14 Inventory 15 Inventory 16 Inventory 17

Inventory 2100 Inventory 2101 Inventory 2102 Inventory 2103 Inventory 2104

Shop-hair style17 Shop-ears26 Shop-tail17

Present small box Shop-largebox5 Shop-smallplank4 Shop-largeplank5 Shop-cannonball3 Shop-balloon8 Shop-balloon9


Badge 68

Macaron 1 Macaron 2 Macaron 3

Inventory 30 Inventory 31

Inventory 2210 Inventory 2211

Shop-fur53 Shop-head130 Shop-eyes23


Badge 174 Badge 175

Shop-fur80 Shop-head144 Shop-ears33


Badge 193 Badge 192

Macaron 32

Inventory 2381 Inventory 2382

Shop-fur92 Shop-ears36 Shop-ears37 Shop-neck32 Shop-neck33


  • For more information about the actual Christmas holiday, see Wikipedia.

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