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Children's Day 2016 is a player-made Lua event in Transformice.

Description Edit

This event requires completing multiple tasks around the school. The objective of the map is to first collect items and decorate the classroom by pressing space near the drawer and then where the blue space radiating with stars appears, similar to Children's Day 2015. You are then asked to copy multiple commands given to the player, like in the dancing minigame in the Back to School 2015 event. Afterwards, you are then asked to clean the library in a similar way to decorating the classroom. Next, you then copy out the phrases given to you based on popular nursery rhymes, which is representative of the Valentine's Day 2014 event. Finally, you have to enter the teacher's room and wave a flag.

While completing these tasks, you will claim points that are used to earn rewards. Unlike the previous Children's Day events, the points are displayed on the bottom right corner of the map while it is playing.

Maps Edit

This event's map is representative of a school that has you exploring the rooms to complete the tasks mentioned to earn points.

Room Description
Teacher's Room Located on the ground floor. You enter this room at the end of the map to wave a flag to collect points.
Classroom Located on the first floor. You enter this room at the beginning of the map to decorate it by pressing space at the drawer and doing the same near the blue areas.
Dance Room Located on the second floor. You enter this room after the Classroom to follow the commands given to earn points.
Library Located on the second floor. You enter this room after the Dance room to press space at the book pile and doing the same near the gray areas.
Singing Room Located on the third floor. You enter this room after the Library to copy out the lines displayed above the stage.

Rewards Edit

From collecting points in the event for doing the listed tasks, you will be able to earn titles.

Points Title
75 « Childish Mouse »(323)
150 « Model Student »(360)
300 « Determined Mouse »(396)(New)

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