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Cheese is the ultimate objective for most maps, with some modules being an exception.


To obtain cheese currency, you must bring cheese back to the hole. Bringing cheese back to the hole also increases the score you have for the room, based on how you placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd) or if you died.

When you bring the cheese to the hole, it says "Cheeeeeese *-* (XX.XXs)", the X's being the timestamp of when you entered the hole with the cheese.
When you die, it says "No cheese for you! ^_^"

Point Distribution
Rank Points
First 16
Second 14
Third 12
Fourth or below 10
Death[1] 1
No cheese[2] 0
AFK Death -1
  1. This also happens when you used /mort while AFKing.
  2. This happens when you don't bring the cheese back to the hole, unless you die.



By bringing cheese to the hole, you obtain cheese as a currency in the shop, as well as increasing the "Gathered cheese" stat on your profile. Cheese in the shop be used to create a tribe, create maps in the Map Editor, and purchase apparel items in the shop, while the "Gathered cheese" stat unlocks titles.

Note that when you buy items with shop cheese, it does not subtract from the number of cheese gathered on your profile.


Megaphone Main article: Coin § Cheese coin

Currency can also be traded by using Inventory 800 Cheese Coins (cc). Cheese Coins are also tradable before they are used, and can be purchased from village rooms using shaman, racing, bootcamp, survivor, or adventure ticket coins.

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  • It is possible to obtain cheese via promotions (such as the "/facebook" chat command or confirming your e-mail in game), but this is only for shop cheese -- it does not increase the "Cheese Gathered" stat on your profile.
  • The cheese's size can be increased by allocating skill points into the appropriately named Big Cheese skill.


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