A catapult is a device used to throw or hurl an item or player a great distance with the aid of a force on one side, such as an anvil. It is less practical than a bridge or a ramp, but it is a fun solution to various maps. A catapult is built by mostly planks and then starts with a cannonball hitting it.

Basic CatapultsEdit

Simple CatapultEdit


Flip Catapult

Starts with a big ghost plank with B anchor, use the picture to complete the rest.

Box catapultEdit

Catapult image

Since the global anchored (B) planks always spin around their center, a well placed one can be used as a catapult by dropping an anvil onto it and standing on the opposite side. This is even more effective if you set up a system to drop a large amount of anvils on it and send your mouse into the air. This can also be used with down-facing cannon balls.




Place a B-anchored big plank near the ground, follow the steps in the video to complete it.


Rocket Launcher


First, place a global anchored transparent plank near the ground. Place two diagonally slanted planks parallel to one another anchored to the transparent plank. Make sure the slant is in the preferred direction of travel. Then, place a cannonball behind your mouse to launch. The cannon generally yields the most accurate trajectory, but the slant may be difficult to judge for inexperienced shamans.