Cassidy is a barmouse character in Transformice. They own the Ol' Souris bar. They offered rewards during the occasion of the Saint Patrick's Day 2016 event, them being a badge, a cartouche, and two titles. Cassidy's style emulates that of a classical Irish person.

Cassidy's gender is unknown as Cassidy is a unisex name.


Cassidy is a blue-eyed orange mouse with dark orange spots on their paws and face. They wear a green kilt with thin white perpendicular stripes. The kilt's waistline holds a dark maroon coloration and a lighter maroon upper lining. They carry a black fanny pack on the right side of their kilt, with the pouch's button being a bright yellow. These portions of the outfit are identical to that of the Kilt fur, released on the same occasion that Cassidy made their introduction to Transformice. 

Unique to Cassidy is their size. Cassidy is about one-third larger than other mice, with similar body composition (unlike King Fromagnus' larger composure). Their hair is an eggshell white and shines. It has the same exact waviness as the hair on the Kilt fur. Also unique to Cassidy is the fact that they have a plain forest green bowtie on their upper chest. Cassidy also wears a plain green vest with holes for their paws, another outfit feature only they display.


For all that is known, Cassidy is the only worker at the Ol' Souris bar. This is because while Elise, Papaille, and Buffy were present in the bar on Saint Patrick's Day 2016, they did not display the Barmouse title like Cassidy did. All four may have contributed to decorating the bar for the occasion, however.

Cassidy manufactures pints of cheese booze, evident by the pints on the bar's shelves. They also clean the tables in the bar, as seen by the yellow rags on two of the three tables.

Cassidy also owns a dart board by one of their lounge chairs. This may have either been for decoration due to Saint Patrick's day, or due to it being traditionally part of an Irish bar. It is unknown as to whether or not Cassidy knows how to play with darts.

Store Edit

Cassidy can be found in the Mice Village, where they operate a store. As of June 2016, they offer

Cost Reward
200Inventory 2261 Badge 154
150Inventory 2261 Macaron 22
100Inventory 2261 « Cadet »(400)



Cassidy's framed boat picture

  • The name "Cassidy" originated from the Irish language as a last name.[1]
    • One of its original meanings is "curly-haired," which can be used to describe the character Cassidy. It is unknown as to whether or not this was intentional.
  • In Map @2010, Cassidy was able to be moved by consumables, such as the ball and the snowball, and also physical items laying around in the map.
  • Similar to the character Charlotte, Cassidy is known to have decorated a location thoroughly (this location is the Ol' Souris bar). One important object is a framed picture of a boat out at sea, probably depicting classical Irish culture.