Carnaval de Rio is one of the annual carnival events that usually happens in the first half of the year. Throwing Confetti by pressing E was first introduced for this event.

Image Year Release date Release version End date End version
Carnaval 2012 2012 17 February V1.28 28 February ???
Carnaval 2012 2013 5 March ??? ??? ???
Carnavalillu-petit 2014 28 March V1.142 14 April ???
Fond Carnaval de Rio 2016 2016 19 February ??? 26 February ???

Rewards and ReleasesEdit

This table is only for when content was originally released. To find out all years something was available, view the page about the reward itself or view the event pages.

Year Titles Badges Cartouches Inventory Items

Shop-head87 Shop-head88 Shop-eyes14


Badge 0 Badge 1 Badge 2

Shop-fur27 Shop-head115 Shop-mouth39 Shop-tail13

No Canaval 2015 Event

Badge 133 Badge 137

Macaron 11

Inventory 2246

Inventory 2237

Shop-fur59 Shop-ears29 Shop-tail23


Inventory 2349

Shop-head145 Shop-ears34


  • For more information about the actual Carnaval de Rio holiday, see Wikipedia.


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