In official maps the kart always looks like this


A mouse driving a basic beachball car

A car, also known as a sled or kart, is a platform optimized to move along the ground, sometimes built by the shaman, mainly for recreational purposes. Most cars consist of a platform for mice to stand on and rotating items at both ends to propel it forwards. All mice start in a car in map 32, old version of map 41 and in map 95 a floating one. Many different kinds of cars can be made.

Basic CarEdit

A basic car consists of a plank with two wheels attached at each end by a motorized or free nail. Most commonly used for these wheels are beachballs or boxes; however rotating anvils, planks (usually small); and occasionally, up cannons, have been used.

Variations with the platform are also common. Items such as small boxes solid anchored end to end can also serve as a platform for mice to stand on; anvils and boxes have been seen used.

Pushable CarEdit

Siege Tower

A pushable car

A basic car with a projection on top can form a pushable car, when mice running against the projection can push the cart forwards.

Movable RampEdit

A pushable car with a near vertical plank attached to it can be pushed until the plank hits a platform and stops, allowing mice to climb up the car and reach the cheese. Often, the base of the car is built completely transparent for this purpose, so that mice do not push the car away before it is finished being built. Also, because the plank has a tendency to unbalance and tip the car, a counterweight at the other end should be made.

Alternate PowerEdit

Anvil-Box Mobile 2 Images

The anvil-box mobile utilizes alternate power to keep the car stable yet moving while mice hide safely under the roof.

Because the rotating anchor is fairly slow, mice or items such as runes can assist or even substitute the rotating wheels.


And a version of the ABM using the additional oomph of rocket power.

Items anchored together so that they push against one part of the car and attach to the other can also be a form of powering a car. Most often this is done by summoning a large box then solidly anchoring a ball or cannonball to it. Then when an item is anchored to the ball, the item will continuously push against the crate, creating an imbalance of forces and moving the set of items. If the item is heavier than the box, then it will move in the direction of the item. If it is lighter, it will move against it.