Cage overload is a set of glitches regarding to a confined situation that a large number of mice are trapped inside a small cage, which is mostly made of boards. The pheonemons of the glitches include:

  • The mice actually escaping from the cage
  • Mice appearing to drop out of the cage but actually aren't dropped due to lagging
  • The caging material disappears at the edge of the map, letting mice to escape from it

The number of mice to be caught inside much be large enough for the escape glitch to work, while the dropping glitch appears more often even if caught mice are less.

This set of glitch does not only apply on cages, if mice get too much relative velocity against an object, similar situation could happen, like breaking through boards.

Maps associated with the glitchEdit

Players uploaded map: Generally many maps with a small cage which locks the mice spawn place will usually do. Both kinds of glitch would happen. To perform this via shaman effort is nearly impossible except using totem, but then mice could still escape in the summoning time.

Official maps:

Escape glitchEdit

Glitch cageescape

So what's the purpose of cage?

This glitch appears when too many mice are inside a small cage and they try to run and push the box. Eventually the box will let go (teleport) some mice outside the cage. The glitch process will terminate if not enough mice are pushing the box. This is usually regarded as a good glitch as many official maps lead swifty deaths if mice cannot escape from the cage, by cannoning or pushing away the cage. This glitch is not bannable and not an offence, and everyone can try it as it helps play.

Dropping GlitchEdit

Glitch cagedrop

A bunch of mice dropping out from enclosed cage in Map95.

Sometimes the collision mechanics of the maps is so poor that the cage cannot keep up with positions of the mice easily. Not to be confused with height altering glitch (jump glitch which is illegal), the glitch appears like mice appearing at the bottom of the cage ground and free falling through the cage, but quickly teleported into the cage. This glitch is harmless but irritating as it usually combines with excess lag to make progressin maps difficult. A thing to remember is that your mouse must not fall within the dropping glitch, so watch out for your mouse which doesn't fall out of cage.

Unfortunately, some maps feature dropping dead out of the cages instead like Map95, which is a mix of escape glitch and this glitch. Certain maps prevent death though.

A less common way to trigger it is to simply cannon cages, it would have small chance to show some mice dropping out of the cage while actually they remain inside.

Material Disappearance glitchEdit

Glitch cagebreak

The cage should have broken earlier...

This glitch is first found in Map41 and requires some criteria to happen: The cage goes to the lower left side, enough mice are inside the cage, and enough mice in field (counting those not dead or returned with cheese) On the left side of field the materials of the cage will disappear from the left, that the boards and the balls will be deleted before the car goes out of the floor, and mice can jump back onto the ground, preventing death. No enough mice inside the cage will result in cage car not disappearing.