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Café is a recreation of the classic forum added in V1.183. A lot of users like this more as it is in-game, easier and quicker, however it only displays a certain amount of recent topics, and once a topic is gone it cannot be retrieved. The Café isn't moderated nearly as much as the Forum, so quite a bit of it is filled with spammers and trolls. However, there are some people whose posts have quality. On 9 August 2016, a new version of the Café was released, however, the majority of the people who use it hates it. On 10 August, 2016, the 30 second rule for posting changed, as if you try to post after your post, its 5 minutes, however, if someone posts after you, its 10 seconds. The dislike system also changes as a post needs 6 dislikes, instead of 21 dislikes, to be deleted. However, during an unknown update, you need 10 dislikes to remove a topic. As of 5 October, 2016, the Café button was replaced by a new shop button, which is a red button with a white shirt.

Adding/Changing your image

To add/change your Cafe avatar (same as the avatar shown on your profile), you need to upload a new Forum Avatar.


It is possible to style your text in the café in the following ways:

Format Description
>Text> Format as a quote
**Text** Bold Text: Text
*Text* Italicize text: Text
__Text__ Underline text: Text
-Text- A list



  • Entering the /cafe chat command causes cafe buttons to appear and bounce around the screen.
    • This command has no limit, and can be spammed infinitely to the point of covering every last pixel of your screen. Fixing this requires a game restart.



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