Buffy von Drekkemaus, Archain von Drekkemaus' lover, first appeared in the occasion of Halloween 2014 in Kürbisses-Nacht.

She has been present in the casino map as an NPC since Halloween 2014 and in Halloween 2015 redirected mice who clicked on her to her shop. She was also mentioned in the Halloween 2014 news post.[1]

Buffy was originally a vampire slayer, but the aforementioned vampire's love for her changed this. As of now, she has a son named Voldemouse.

She is frequently a contributor in events where shops are needed for exchange of consumables or rewards. For instance, she appeared in the Ol' Souris bar in Saint Patrick's Day 2016 and has offered racing rewards in villages since Easter 2016.


Buffy has straight golden blonde hair and green-blue eyes. Compared to most mice, she looks more mature and older. She wears a black suit and a white top. Although she still holds her bloody stake, she seems to have discontinued her vampire slaying considering she is family with a vampire and a half vampire.


She currently resides in Drekkemaus' manor to live as a family with him and her son, Voldemouse. Since Drekkemaus cannot leave his manor after Halloween, it seems that she moved in with him to stay with him as a family.

She formerly lived in an apartment in the streets of Kürbisses-Nacht before moving in with Von Drekkemaus (see Buffy's residence).

Store Edit

Buffy can be found in the Mice Village, where she operates a store. As of June 2016, she offers

Cost Reward
200Inventory 2254 Badge 147
150Inventory 2254 Macaron 17
150Inventory 2254 « Piston »
50Inventory 2254 « Zeptowatt »(392)

Trivia Edit