Bridges are any contraption designed to cross over a gap. Shaman must be careful when constructing a bridge to ensure it doesn't topple over or trap any mice beneath it. Most bridges are built from planks but creative shaman may be able to construct a bridge using other items. Bridges tend to bend under the weight of the mice crossing them. To avoid this, use a transparent short plank with a global anchor and let the bridge rest on it. Ideally, you should create the supports first and then create the plank above them. Some of the more common and effective bridges are listed below.

Basic Bridges Edit

Short Bridge Edit


A short bridge

There are many cases where a small gap must be crossed. One of the most reliable ways of doing this is to place a large plank with a global anchor such that it cannot rotate. Well-placed large planks can cross almost 50% of the gaps present in the maps. However, if you misplace the plank and one of its sides is free to rotate, it will quickly turn into a deathtrap for your mice. Take your time and make sure you are placing it correctly; you only have to place a single object correctly to get it right.

Basic World Anchor Edit

This is the traditional method of building a bridge. Select a plank, add a world anchor, and then make it transparent. Place this flat against the floor or wall. You can now build your bridge using long planks and the immovable object anchor, simply by attaching them end-to-end.

World Anchor Bridge

A basic world anchor bridge

Free Anchor Bridge Edit

If you are using supports on a bridge, you can build the bridge using free anchors instead of immutable object anchors. The bridge will simply conform to the supports instead of being a rigid object. This is slightly more dangerous since it could easily end in disaster if the supports aren't placed well, but it makes it easier to move the planks around to avoid trapping mice.

Overlapping World Anchors Edit

By carefully overlapping two sets of world anchored long planks, it is possible to build a straight bridge. The problem is that the planks cannot be disturbed while the bridge is being built, or it simply turns into a death trap. As a result, this is often a rather poor technique for building bridges, and should be avoided.

Bridges Gallery Edit