Bots are non-player mice who can alter the physics or how the game works.


Types of botsEdit

There are three main types of bots

  • Information bots: These bots have a job of giving you statistics of how well (or bad) you did in the game or a minigame, OR give information such as what mods are online. A few examples are Cfmbot and Sourbot, as can give you a list of online moderators, map crew, helpers, and a lot more.
  • Game bots: Game bots control some of the minigames in Transformice. These bots can change how the game works, like Baffbot with its balloons and cannons and they can just control what types of maps are being played and who is shaman, like Holybot.
  • User bots: These bots aren't run by the server, but by your computer. These bots don't work any differently form the other types of bots, they just are run by you. Also, these bots usually can play more than one minigame and can play music.

Moepl's botEdit

Moepl made an simple bot that plays FFA, Tower Defence, Player vs Player, and other maps. He made this bot because he was tired of people bothering him on how to make a bot so he made a public bot that can be copied by anyone to be used, with no prior programming skills. However, since Lua was implemented to Transformice, the bot system created by Moepl has been taken down.

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