• WooLaLa

    Life of Fishofrank

    July 16, 2018 by WooLaLa

    Welllllllllcome to my blog were i post stuff...

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  • Sweetersecret

    TFM Information

    April 7, 2018 by Sweetersecret

    For anyone interested, my TFM username is Kyliestarlet. 

    Lately I have been making a lot of edits on Transformice Wiki articles. If someone has a problem with the things I am doing or creating, please contact me somewhat privately. 

    - Sweetersecret

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  • Wqueenx


    March 3, 2018 by Wqueenx


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  • Kiwitopia


    December 14, 2017 by Kiwitopia
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  • Chawminduh


    December 11, 2017 by Chawminduh

    Well I spent enough time away from the game whre I kinda want to play it again. Lets see how it goes

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  • Nocelle

    blog nobody reads

    June 18, 2017 by Nocelle


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  • Darkesia

    I just writing for the badge :)

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  • Mieh

    This project is delayed indefinitely until I can rework my notes and determine how much content is wiki worthy.

    Shaman vs Shaman gameplay, found in the Dual Shaman map mode, is a deep and engaging topic that deserves its own page. This new page will explain the inner workings of Shaman vs Shaman and list common techniques.

    • 06 Apr 2018: Glad I never got to the full writeup. I need to take this content apart and see how much of it truly belongs on a wiki.
    • 08 Jun 2017: Outline complete! Getting ready for the full page writeup soon. Last call for suggestions.
    • 03 Jun 2017: Page design complete!

    • Idea originated from Dual Shaman mode page
    • Create dedicated page - split content from Dual Shaman
    • Take techniques, organize by function

    (Reasons sorted by promin…

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  • Gemerelda

    First Blog Post

    April 29, 2017 by Gemerelda

    Hello, I'm Gemerelda, and I play Transformice, Animal Jam and Fortoresse :3

    My Transformice Username: Gemerelda

    My Animal Jam Username: Magicgem278, Gemerelda (Storage Account)

    My Fortoresse Username: Gemerelda

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  • Canadianmooose

    Shinjai and me been friends for a while,

    So shinjai was hacked, right? He was hacked for a month.. in that time I learned to be able to take hate. Not just take it to heart and be a baby about it. 

    Then he quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend when I brought it up said he faked it. Makes sense, he really was getting freaked out about all the Transformice drama. To lie to me though? Use a whole new account? I mean, he did tell me not to tell anybody it was him... it would make sense if he was taking a break, getting a new account, and just overall starting over. HE DIDN'T HAVE TO LIE TO ME THOUGH! 😡

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  • Mieh

    Putting this project on hold. I need to make this page a lot shorter or find a way to use/refine the existing materials.

    Part of an effort to reform the Mouse Techniques page, this article contains an outline for teaching the walljump technique.

    • Walljump easy to perform, but deceptively hard to learn
    • Procedure difficult to explain
    • Break down key elements to ease teaching process
    • Trim explanations to be as concise as possible

    1. Pre-Lesson: Midair Jump
      1. Mice can jump in midair if they haven't jumped already
        1. Keep the explanation very short
      2. Image: jump after running off cliff
      3. Uses
        1. Travel farther horizontally than straight jump
        2. Corner jump travels farther still
      4. How it works:
        1. Explain difference between ground state and jump state
        2. Ground state: when mouse stands o…

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  • Mieh

    The creations and techniques pages are currently mishmashed and loosely networked. This article contains a high level outline for how the pages might fit together in a more efficient and usable fashion. [Under Construction]

    • Link content together in a way that is easy to navigate
    • Summarize techniques/creations in a central location, using index pages
    • Preserve more detailed content from specific topic pages
    • Remove content that is:
      • subjective
      • duplicate
      • unexplained
      • unnecessary

    1. Mouse Techniques Index Page
      1. Techniques have individual main pages,
      2. Main pages feature repetitive content sections:
        1. Instructions (main summary)
        2. Special Interactions (tips)
        3. How it Works
      3. Consider using template:tabber to compile all techniques on same page
    2. Shaman Techniques Index Page
      1. Inves…

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  • Jinxrui

    Haylo! This Is my first blog post. It'll be fairly short but I'll have more coming. 

    It's been so long since I could properly play TFM. Now that I have a new laptop I can make GIFs again and play.

    So far, I've noticed a new button when a mutual friend Is online. It's a green arrow as a join button. Uh, hooray? It's easier now, I guess.

    I noticed I have gathered 9555 cheese total and I have gathered 222 cheese personally. Guys????????? Illuminati! :0

    Anyway, worst blog post ever. I have nothing to really make a blog post about since there's no big update yet.

    I'm with stupid ^^^ (talk) 13:16, April 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Yimoon

    fraise videos

    April 2, 2017 by Yimoon

    hey did they suspend them or does i have terrible luck

    also why does only half of the time i get a fraise


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  • Rainbowdrugg

    St. Valentine's 2017

    February 10, 2017 by Rainbowdrugg

    So today (well yesterday because it's already 00:32) the St. Valentine's Day event was added and well.. it's just like the previous year so I have no idea why are you reading this, but I'm doing this just for the badge I guess? I like badges! If seriously I like the new update and the LUA event, tho it's kinda hard to make those crepes. Nobody is gonna read this so I made it short and Bye!

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  • Atexxxx


    January 31, 2017 by Atexxxx

    Well Hello Guys :3

    I deside to sell some thinks from my intervory. It's too much for me. When i want to pus something, i can't find it and i can looking for that all my day. ;3

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  • OperaSpreadSHot

    No need. I know already :D

    Use level editor then it will change you  back to normal. ;)

    See this blog when you don't know. ;)

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  • OperaSpreadSHot

    Bad news!

    November 29, 2016 by OperaSpreadSHot

    I became a milk carton and do not know how to be myself again! D: 

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  • Mieh

    Current Shaman page is unorganized, may also display some redundant information better linked from other pages. Consider writing a new outline for the page.

    [Work in Progress]

    • Preface with one-sentence summary:
      • In the game of Transformice, a Shaman is a player mouse specially chosen to guide other mice and help them get the cheese to the hole.  
    1. About---What is a Shaman?
      1. One mouse guides many
      2. Given special powers
        1. Summon objects to solve challenges
        2. Map-specific powers
        3. Levels up to gain additional skills and traits, selected by skill tree
        4. Free to use abilities as they wish
      3. Each round a different shaman
    2. Becoming a Shaman
      1. Basic summary
        1. Each round, shaman selected by room score
        2. Rounds last for around two minutes
        3. After playing as Shaman, room score reset
        4. Sometim…
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  • Mieh

    To-Do List

    November 2, 2016 by Mieh

    Reform Template:Infobox skill

    • "Number of upgrades / uses" row not user friendly, also non-specific about unit of measurement
      • Uses unintuitive switch system; users have to know case values to use template properly
      • Needs to continue showing values by skill point, while keeping single-point skills as a single value---a function that the switch system currently performs.
        • Solution A: Use "single_skill_point" boolean value to mark single point skills, and use math-based logic to display values by skill point. Requires editing single point skill pages.
        • Solution B: Remove logic, reforming row into a freehand text field. Grants more flexibility than solution A, but requires re-editing all skill pages.
      • As for unit of measurement, add a variable used to cu…
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  • Monkeycay

    Item id's

    October 16, 2016 by Monkeycay

    Can anyone tell me how to find the id of items in the shop?

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  • Riannaleo

    Fashion Squad Outfit Archive

    September 12, 2016 by Riannaleo

    An Archive of the outfits the fashion squad have created.

    Outfit number Image Release Date Removal Notes
    29 Aug 2016 2 Sep 2016

    29 Aug 2016 2 Sep 2016

    2 Sep 2016 10 Sep 2016

    2 Sep 2016 - There was a bug with this outfit. Some users did not recieve the hair from this outfit, since initially the Ichigo Hair was cheese-only in the shop (200 cheese). They recieved the outfit, but could only equip the Ichigo Hair this way, and they could not customize the colour of it.
    10 Sep 2016 - This outfit used the green lightsaber. Read more >
  • Babycheese1

    Hi i'm babycheese1. I found transformice from one of my friends on a chat website i use. At first i didn't know if i would like it but i tryed it anyway. I couldn't find a username because they were all taken so i had no choice but to have a weird username.Ok so moving on to a few days after i first played. So at first i had no idea what to do. i played vanilla for a while, until i got bored.I went to bootcamp and belive me i went as soon as i got there. I went to survivor next. I knew its had to do something with surviving something. I was horrible, but i wanted to get better at it, so i played survivor for about 2 weeks. I was super good at the end of 2 weeks. Then i met my first super best friend. Her username is Awesome234. She is supe…

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  • Chawminduh

    New to this editing thing, seems there's some errors on the wkii that need correcting. I hope I can be of some help to those who would otherwise get misinformed!

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  • Emerald the Dark Wolf

    Not really.

    Ok, I have been deciding for a while and I've decided I'm moving to OhNoItsAiva.

    See you all there

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  • Riannaleo

    Collector tab items

    April 20, 2016 by Riannaleo

    A list of all previous collector items.

    ID Image Name Price
    -izable Collector Release
    Date Event
    Beanie 500

    15 Jan 19 Jun 2010

    Reindeer Antlers

    Dec 10 Dec 2010 Christmas 2010
    Snowman Head 500 50 10
    Dec 10 Dec 2010 Christmas 2010
    Easter Basket Hat 200 40 5
    8 Apr 24 Apr 2011 Easter 2011
    Shark Attack Hat 400 40 10
    1 Apr 17 Jun 2011

    Christmas Tree

    Dec ?? Dec 2011 Christmas 2011
    Christmas Stocking

    Dec ?? Dec 2011 Christmas 2011
    Simba Hair 400 40 10
    8 Jan 6 Aug 2012 (?) V 1.49 (?)
    Icecube 600 60 10
    1 Jan 15 Dec 2012 Christmas 2012
    Red Bobble Hat 300 40 7.5
    1 Jan 13 Dec 2013 Christmas 2013
    Bell Hat 500 100 5
    4 March 19 Apr 2014 Easter 2014
    Unicorn Horn 250 40 6.25
    22 Jan 0…

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  • Cortanacamo

    Has event/adventure guides+ other random stuff.

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  • Affirmation

    March 20, 2016 by Affirmation

    I just found this news post on which was posted January 1st, 2000.

    If my calculations and theories are correct, this was not posted in 2000, but was rather posted in.. I guess 2010?
    Why are they lying to us? Are they hiding something?

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  • Puffpapa

    Hey, fellow wiki contributors! Since I feel like my work has been inadequate lately, I've been thinking about sharing my lore format with you all. 

    First off, a lore section on an adventure page always start off exactly like this:

    This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

    • Component 1
    • Component 2
    • Component 3
    • Component 4
    • And so on....

    If an adventure happens to have an enigma, then the lore section will have its own subsection dedicated to providing the gist of it and leading readers to the enigma's page. It should still be thorough, but it shouldn't go into too much detail. That'd give an imbalance between the adventure page and the enigma page. 

    Once you have all your components down, you'll give each component about 1-2 …

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Hey guys! I decided to kind of have a costume shop here! The way this is gonna work is yet unknown, but here are the rules so far:

    1. If you ordered a costume on a certain day, you cannot order another one on that same day.

    2. Remember, I may not be able to access some items to make the costume, so when you give me your order form, I may say one item is out of stock.

    3. There is a certain line on who gets their costume first.

    4. Finally, my limit is 5 costumes a day, so you have to be really lucky to get one!

    These costumes CANNOT be put onto your mouse on Transformice, they are just pictures of the costume that can be stored on your computer. They are not hacks, so if you are nervous, don't worry - this costume-making is part of Atelier 801.


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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Transformice OC 5

    January 4, 2016 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Name: King of Clovers

    Age: Unknown

    Appearance: Leprechauns's Hat, Four-Leaf Clover, Lucky Scarf, Four-Leaf Clover Tail, Clover Fur

    Relationship: Unknown

    Children: Unknown

    Traits: Mysterious

    Powers: Makes clovers grow, brings good luck to other mice


    Kindness: Unknown

    Magic: 10/10

    Generosity: 10/10

    Loyalty: Unknown

    Honesty: Unknown

    Calmness: Unknown

    Speed: Unknown

    Agility: Unknown

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Transformice OC 4

    January 4, 2016 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Name: Prince of the Planets

    Age: Younger than the Princess of the Stars.

    Appearance: Pomelo Rind Helmet, Mohawk, Green Shutter Shades, Green Lightsaber, Lucky Scarf, Fishing Rod Tail, Grey Fur Color

    Relationship: Single

    Children: None

    Traits: Swag, cool, full of himself, protective, loyal

    Powers: Controls the planets


    Kindness: 4/10

    Generosity: 2/0

    Loyalty: 10/10

    Magic: 8/10

    Speed: 10/10

    Agility: 9/10

    Honesty: 3/10

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Transformice OC 3

    January 3, 2016 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Name: Princess of the Stars

    Age: As old as the stars.

    Appearance: Halo, Blond Hair, Gold Earring, Sherrif's Badge, Star Tail, World Cup Skin

    Relationship: Dating (Alexander the Mouse)

    Children: None

    Traits: Cheeky, Funny, Fast, Kind

    Powers: Controls the stars, lights up the night, makes wishes come true


    Kindness: 10/10

    Honesty: 7/10

    Calmness: 2/10

    Loyalty: 9/10

    Speed: 10/10

    Agility: 10/10

    Magic: 9/10

    Generosity: 8/10

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Transformice OC 2

    January 3, 2016 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Name: King of the Moon

    Age: As old as Queen of the Sun.

    Appearance: Moon Fur, Fluffy Hair, Spiky Earring, Zangetsu, Moon Tail

    Relationship: Taken (Queen of the Sun)

    Children: Princess of the Stars, Prince of the Planets

    Traits: Quiet, Watchful, Protective, Shy

    Powers: Controls the moon, lights the sky in the night, makes wolves howl


    Kindness: 6/10

    Loyalty: 9/10

    Honesty: 10/10

    Magic: 10/10

    Generosity: 8/10

    Speed: 7/10

    Agility: 9/10

    Calmness: 10/10

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Transformice OC 1

    January 2, 2016 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Name: Queen of the Sun

    Age: Older than the Earth itself.

    Appearance: Sun fur, crown, Rin's hair, gold earrings, sun tail

    Relationship: Taken (King of the Moon)

    Traits: Hot-headed, smart, kind, watchful.

    Children: Princess of the Stars, Price of the Planets

    Powers: Controls the sun, creates the summer.


    Kindness: 10/10

    Honesty: 10/10

    Calmness: 7/10

    Loyalty: 9/10

    Speed: 10/10

    Agility: 10/10

    Magic: 10/10

    Generosity: 8/10

    This is my first TFM OC, I hope you like it! C:

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    New Year's Event

    January 2, 2016 by XXmintyoreosXX

    I love the New Year's event, I really do, but I have questions that I have not answered yet:

    1. Those little eye thingies in your inventory that you get in the event map, you are supposed to use them to get stuff, right?

    2. When I use the eye thingies, I get all the same things. Can you get anything different?

    3. The things you get from the eyes are not in my inventory, so where can I see and access them?

    I would love if someone answered my questions, I'll think until I get an answer myself. :3

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  • Abdullah04


    December 30, 2015 by Abdullah04

    This video is made by me for new player.thoses who donot know how to be a shamane.

    This me Abdullah04... :)

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Consumables Sale!

    December 28, 2015 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Selfie Stick ~ 1 present each

    Ball ~ 1 present each

    Mistletoe ~ 2 presents each

    Spray ~ 2 presents each

    Snowman ~ 2 presents each

    Blue Fireworks ~  1 present each

    Pink Fireworks ~  1 present each

    Yellow Fireworks ~ 1 present each

    Snowflake Fireworks ~ 1 present each

    Snowball ~ 1 present each

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Selfie Overload!

    December 28, 2015 by XXmintyoreosXX

    Guys, I have more than 50 selfie sticks (70), and I decided to make a decision. I'm going to sell at least 40 of them. If you want free selfie sticks, whisper me on my account! (darkangel101)

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  • XXmintyoreosXX

    Hide and Seek

    December 27, 2015 by XXmintyoreosXX

    I always used to play this mini game on TFM called hidenseek. The game always worked until to the point when I was shaman. Then TFM just glitches out and logs me off. Has anyone been experiencing this lately? Also, does anyone have a solution for this?

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  • Kaminokatz

    Just wanting that Badge?

    September 27, 2015 by Kaminokatz


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  • Hengteoh

    Hi Hi :D

    August 12, 2015 by Hengteoh

    Hi im new in here ! SO NICE to meet u all :)

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  • Tylerthedragon

    My current goal now is to get the Striped Marmot fur, which was my original fur I was going to get when it was released. 

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  • Cissy The Cat


    May 30, 2015 by Cissy The Cat

    So I think most of you know by now that there millions of rants going on in TFM right now here are some that bothers me the most:

    1) Trollers/killing in vanilla

    I know this is part of the game but why in vanilla? This is really getting on my nerves.

    I play survivor quite a bit so I'm sort of good at dodging cannons but...still. What do you think?

    2) Favoring..

    So I bet quite a few of you have seen this in action. Its happened many many many times to me. It bothers me because one shaman is favoring one mouse and giving them the firsts while keeping the others from getting the cheese. This also happens in survival but survivor favoring doesn't bother me because I do it myself but with the vanilla favoring just no..

    So when questioning others about…

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  • Tylerthedragon

    Current Goal

    May 22, 2015 by Tylerthedragon

    If anyone cares, my current goal is to get 7000 more cheese for my Tabby Cat fur.

    Then it's to add customization for my hood and my mask (and then the red and yellow goggles) until the striped marmot fur is released. 

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  • FunAlwaysTheGamer

    Whole code:

    A place for your mouse to stand on :P

    That's it, I need recommendation for Mass, better Restitution measurement, and Density measurement somehow.

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  • Cissy The Cat


    May 16, 2015 by Cissy The Cat

    Hi everymouse I'm Cissycat and today I have one of my favorite outfits that I made on  a generator!

    I hope you enjoy it!! Use it at your own free will. I might make boy ones to. Stay tuned!!!!

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  • Fewfre

    Getting images from game

    March 8, 2015 by Fewfre

    This is a mini-guide on getting images from the Transformice client/server (which currently has images for not only Transformice but all Atelier 801 games). While you can just take a screenshot, this will get you the original image, which is especially important for images with transparency, or high-detailed images. There are two ways, both of which are needed to obtain certain images.

    Please note that the following instructions were done on Windows 7, and may involve some research to be done on a different OS.

    This is the easier of the two ways, although as stated above can not be used to obtain all images, just as the other method can no be used to obtain all images. This method focuses on obtaining image files directly stored on the Ateli…

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  • Starpilot2000
    Hi and welcome to Aweomse Transformice Outfits! Here I will post great outfits you can use on transformice!  Lets start off with some!

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  • Fewfre

    Bureaucrat wiki adoption

    August 16, 2014 by Fewfre

    TL;DR: I'm attempting to get bureaucratic rights on the wiki, thoughts? Do you support?

    So as pointed out to me by Luke the Mac Lover, I don't have bureaucratic rights on this wiki due to the fact I "adopted" it unofficially via emailing a previous admin, and they only gave me admin rights. While I don't find this a big deal / can do the administrative duties I need, these rights are nice to have as the only active admin on the wiki, as this privilege allows me to assign other admins (should I find someone I feel should be given the right, or should I ever become inactive / uninterested in wiki editing and wish to pass the baton to someone else).

    I have requested bureaucrat privileges, but was told I should consult other active users on the …

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