Big Shaman is a skill in the Spiritual Guide skill tree which increases a shaman’s size. Each skill point allocated to it makes the shaman 4% larger, up to a maximum of 20% at 5 skill points. All mice are ordinarily the same size, so this trait causes a shaman to appear taller and bigger than their group members.


Being larger makes a shaman easier to see and follow. A shaman of average size surrounded by a group of mice may be difficult to find.


In collision maps, mice can stand on a big shaman's head to reach greater heights than by standing on other mice.


A greater size highlights the shaman's power and prominence as a magic user. Size also plays into themes of dominance; being larger may inspire a shaman to push their will onto other mice.

Shaman vs. ShamanEdit

A larger shaman is easier to hit with cannonballs and other summoned objects.


  • This skill affects both shamans in maps with multiple shamans. [clarification needed]
  • Using the Small but Brawny skill negates the size increase from Big Shaman.
    • Each point taken into one of these skills cancels one point of the other.