The ball is a round item and a lesser used shaman power. Like most items, it cannot be attached with a red anchor. They are used to make cars and to be attached to many other contraptions. The ball pit on map 36 automatically spawns balls at the beginning of the level.

Sometimes volleyball is played with the ball. Even soccer and wallball can be played by this ball.

On Map 69, the balls that are created will explode after a short time. Ghost versions of balls also exist, and are known to make bigger explosions than their standard counterparts.

A ball has a bounciness level of 0.9; this makes it possible to use the ball as a makeshift trampoline to reach otherwise unreachable places.

Inventory 5 The ball consumable item is thrown near vertically, but, other than that, it functions like a normal shaman-spawned ball

Also known as "Ball ^_^" in the old shaman menu.

Crane BugIf shaman anchors a two exploding balls before one of them explodes, after both balls explode, a ball picture will still be on map. Picture can be passed like ghost object

Crane BugSometimes when a ghost ball explodes, Mice in the middle of it will be teleported to the top left corner of the map and will remain stuck.