Back to School is an event made by Transformice to fill to holiday gap right after summer, starting in 2015.


Rewards and ReleasesEdit

This table is only for when content was originally released. To find out all years something was available, view the page about the reward itself or view the event pages.

Year Titles Badges Cartouches Inventory Items

Badge 57 Badge 58 Badge 59 Badge 61

Inventory 4-school2015 Inventory 25 Inventory 26

Inventory 2200 Inventory 2201


Shop-smallbox6 Shop-largebox9 Shop-smallplank7 Shop-largeplank9 Shop-ball4 Shop-cannonball5


Badge 169 Badge 167

Macaron 27

No New Consumables

Inventory 2334 Inventory 2335

Shop-fur77 Shop-head143 Shop-hair21