B-Glitch was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

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The B-Glitch was a glitch that could be exploited to allow the shaman to place red jointed planks out of his transform boundary. It was useful when trapped and unable to attend to mice in a different section of the stage.

It was done by first selecting a small or large plank and begin its building within the boundary. Drag the mouse, now invisible, to the desired position, and press B.

Note that the mouse is invisible so that it was difficult to correctly place the plank, and that the plank could warp back and forth upon first creation. Hitting a wall often broke the joint and caused only an unattached plank to fall.

Note that this actually applied to any item that can be jointed, so you could have selected any item that applied and moved the cursor, then pressing any joint button that applies afterward. However, on some maps the object would return to where you had started casting it, and B-jointed objects would slowly drift to their location until they could zap back to it.

The B-Glitch was fixed after a server reset on July 04, 2010.