For the character, see Anvil God (character).

A shaman, trolling the mice by constructing an anvil god

Anvil god is a construction of rotating anvils pinned together. Due to the physics of Transformice (using Box2D), the cluster of Anvil will rapidly spin around and launch players and objects alike outside of the map. Anvils have the largest mass in the game out of all the summonable items and will deliver the largest amounts of force compared to other items. It is highly popular for both entertainment and trolling uses.

Anvil snakes are a more specific form of Anvil Gods. They are built using long chains of anvils to imitate a snake lashing out at its victims. There exists a prebuilt anvil snake in map 62, which is where both terms come from.

Origin Edit

The first reported instance of an Anvil God was June 18, 2010, on map 62. Although Anvil Gods existed before then, they were not well named nor well known until the Anvil God fancomic highly popularized it. In addition, the creators of Transformice tweeted about the fancomic when reporting fanart.

Anvil god

Comic about Anvil God created by chiballo

Composition Edit

The basic Anvil God consists of many rotating anvils. The source of the power for the anvils is in the rotating anchors: the motors have a torque of 1,000,000 which renders it almost impossible to stop the force of a motorized anchor except by an immobile object or another opposite motor. The motorized anchors must pin together multiple anvils in order for the Anvil God to build up power. This process is repeated many times until the Anvil God starts to move sporadically and spontaneously with great force, shoving any mobile objects out of the way.

Notes Edit

  • On maps without walls surrounding the area, the Anvil God has the ability to fly outside of the map and disappear.
  • On the dreaded 0.50 a new form of anvil god was discovered. One that was able to fly away without killing a particular mouse... This anvil god was made by attaching yourself to a balloon and then securing it with a world nailed plank. You would then add an anvil god to the middle of the plank. Usually the shaman was the one who survived, sometimes it was a friend, depending on who is attached to the balloon. But just by letting go the anvil god would disappear...

A soulmate version of the aforementioned "innocent" Anvil God.

Variations Edit

There are many variations of the Anvil God that can be made by replacing anvils with other items such as boxes, balls, and planks. The Anvil God is one of the most powerful contraptions that can be built, and it has the ability to destroy other contraptions and glitch the game.

Other “gods” Edit

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