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The anvil is a heavy shaman item.


The anvil can be used to weigh down objects and prevent them from moving.

Because of its weight, it is very difficult for mice to shift anvils, which can prevent trolls from damaging contraptions.

One of the most common use of anvils to is to place ghosted anvils on structures to balance them

Another common use is to airships, or to launch mice using a catapult.

Shamans can use anvils as stepping stones or stairs to help mice get around certain obstacles.


Troll shamans will often drop anvils on players who are attempting to scale walls.

They can also use anvils to block corridors and holes, but this is much less common and less effective than boxes with a world anchor via a small board, but is a lot quicker.

Anvils can also be used, in a combination with a plank and small box, to kill mice.

Another use of anvils used by troll shamans is to destroy bridges and the builds of other shamans.

Anvils can also be used to create an Anvil God by attaching multiple anvils to each other using the rotating anchor, which will effectively kill everyone.