For faces over mice's heads, see Emoticons.

Mice can perform various animations, also known as actions, to visually show their attitude. These are mostly performed by pressing icons on the GUI, but some can also be performed by using chat commands, E, or consumables.

There are two types of animations: single and interactive.

Single animations consist of dance, laugh, cry, kiss, anger, clap, sleep, confetti and flag wave. Interactive animations consist of high five, hug, nuzzle and rock-paper-scissors. Interactive animations are animations that require another mouse to do the same animation in order for it to work. When using an interactive animation, a bubble with said animation will show next to your mouse. When another mouse uses the same animation within a certain threshold, it will trigger the actual animation.

Originally, dance, laugh, and cry were the only animations available, but new animations were added later.

Capturing the cheese while doing an animation will end the animation.

Traditional AnimationsEdit


Name Animation Description
Dance-icon Dance AnimDance Pressing this button causes your mouse to move left and right.
Laugh-icon Laugh AnimLaugh Pressing this button causes your mouse to point and laugh. It is often used to laugh at a shaman's mistake, to troll, or to laugh when someone else is crying.
Tear-icon Cry AnimCry Pressing this button causes your mouse to continuously cry.
Kiss-icon Kiss AnimBisous Using this emote causes your mouse to blow a kiss/heart in the direction they're facing.
Anger-icon Anger AnimAngerRotate Pressing this causes your mouse to get upset, and stomp on the ground.
Clap-icon Clap AnimClap Pressing this causes your mouse to clap.
Sleep-icon Sleep AnimSleep Pressing this causes your mouse to lay down and nap.
Facepalm-icon Facepalm Facepalm Pressing this causes your mouse to facepalm, or simply cover its face with one paw.
Sit-icon Sit Sit Pressing this causes your mouse to sit down. You can also sit down by clicking on a seat.
Confetti-icon Confetti Confetti Animation Pressing this causes your mouse to throw confetti. The amount and colors of the confetti are random. During Easter 2015, confetti was replaced with candy (see Gallery).

Pressing the E key will also trigger the animation.

Flag wave FRFlagWave Waves flag of specified country when using /f chat command.

Interactive AnimationsEdit


Name Animation Description
High five-icon High five Highfive Pressing this causes you to raise a paw, when another mouse presses this it will cause both mice to high-five.

If a mouse starts the high five animation, but no one answers it within 8 seconds, a "sweat drop" will appear on the mouse (to indicate the awkwardness of being left hanging).

It was introduced as part of the New Year's 2016 event.

Hug Emote Hug Hugging Animation Hugs a nearby mouse. Introduced as part of the Hugging 2016 event.
Kiss Event Emote Nuzzle Nuzzling animation Nuzzles a nearby mouse. Introduced as part of the Valentine's Day 2016 event.
Rock-paper-scissors Rock-paper-scissors Rock-paper-scissors (scissors)Rock-paper-scissors (paper)Rock-paper-scissors (rock) Pressing this allows for you to play rock paper scissors with another mouse. It was introduced in V1.301.


  • The high five animation was added alongside the New Year's 2016 event. Before this addition, all animations fit in the UI, but with high five making a total of 9, a "Emote plus-icon" replaced the sit animation, and pressing the plus will show both the sit and high five animations icons as well as any additional animations.
  • High five was the first interactive animation.
  • The nuzzle animation is officially called “kissing,” but to avoid confusion with the single animation kiss, it is addressed as “nuzzle.”
  • If a mouse stand still trying to high five and no mouse comes after some time, an drop of sweat will roll over the mouse's face.
  • Typing in an invalid code for a country (/f) will show your mouse waving a stick.
  • Multiple shaman skills can trigger an animation on nearby mouse if the shaman use an certain animation (while having the skill unlocked).