Amazonia Map

Amazonia is a pastoral society in Transformice. Indiana Mouse, an explorer, was doing the investigation there during the Fishing 2014 event. Natives, which live there, held Indiana Mouse captive during the Fishing 2014 and Fishing 2015 events. Indy's fate is currently unknown.[1]

From Indiana Mouse's 2014 Journal:[2]

Amazonia, a thorny bush, July 8
I’m exhausted, I’ve no more cheese and my ears hurt. I should’ve known that this cheese fragrance was a trap. The natives have been chasing me for hours. I’ve managed to hide in this bush but I’m too tired to go on. I can hear the leaves crunching under their feet, they’re coming closer and closer to me. My poor little hiding place won’t protect me for long.

I know I’m about to find the relics. I can feel it. I’m sure they contain a hidden power. Legends speak of it. 10 relics were destroyed and their pieces were scattered underwater. Surely, collecting all pieces of the same relic should reveal its secret.

Through my investigation, I’ve marked off 5 search areas on this map. I’m convinced we have to fish in water points there.

You, explorer who reads these lines, if you find this journal it means I’m lost. Find the pieces of the relics and rebuild them.


Amazonia is a region with very diverse climates. They range from a desert climate to a climate that literally takes place in the clouds. Although Amazonia's map displays various mountains of sand, it contains multiple oases, islands, bodies of water, and temples. It is unknown as to where the Transformice museum is, but it could possibly be located in Amazonia if not an urban area.