6th Anniversary is the seventeenth adventure of 2016, and was created to commemorate Transformice's 6th Anniversary.


This event saw the return of double cheese and experience, in which every time a player collected a cheese, or earned experience, all of their collected cheese and experience would be doubled. This did not affect the profile stat. This feature only lasted for the first four days of the adventure (29 April-2 May).


This map, unlike other maps, makes the majority of players in the room become shaman, leaving only one to five players as mice depending on the population of the room. The objective of the shamans is to get the mice to the cheese and hole, with the ability to utilize skills and anchors being completely eliminated. When at least one mouse reaches the hole, everyone left alive will be rewarded with a Inventory 2257 golden ticket.


New ConsumablesEdit

Image Name Effect
Inventory 2259 Playtime Counter Shows a player's total playtime over their head


New items, or previous items that have had a price change.

Indiana Mouse
Cost Reward
25Inventory 2257 « Oldie Mouse »(397)
Cost Reward
1Inventory 2257 10Inventory 2259
Cost Reward
150Inventory 2253 Macaron 21

New ItemsEdit

6th Anniversary new items
Badge 152

New fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency
Shop-fur70 Grumpy Cat Fur 6000 350
Shop-mouth55 Present Mouth 400 50
Shop-tail27 Balloon Tail 1000 120

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  • The adventure map was illustrated by Christouffe.
  • This is the first event to customize the appearance of cheese.